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Star Holding


Star Holding do shipments around the world

Hello! We are Star Holding! Before explain who we are and you think: i’m in another website that doesn’t talk me and don’t worry about me (yes, i talk with you) i wanna say one thing:

Come with me and reproduce next video where you talk. People like you talk about our services.

Hi again! Do you like the video? Do you wanna more? Follow me!

Our company (privatetly owned, with headquatered in Mataró) was born more than ten years ago to fight your headaches of the day; for the simple prorpose that you enjoy your home; have a better health (with inverse osmosis o using ozen generetos). In conclusion: have a better life.

We divided our service in 4 big teams:

  • We have Star Home (stuff thinked and designed specialy for your home)
  • In the other hand is Star Water (machines to transform the water of your home in water full of quality)
  • Star Health (to take care of your health and of your family).
  • And finaly, we have our product line of Ozone (to disinfect business or our home).

With Work

With work, the team of Star Holding was going up and with that: our capacity to attend more buyers. Today, we are more than 10.000 happiest buyers, more than 100k visits in our website and and more than 100 differents countries visit us.

Welcome to Star Holding, a company with the best stuff for your health, water treatment and comfort. Visit us!

When you are with us, we like to take care of you. For this reason, we like to look down to the smallest detail with after sale service. If you have problems, call us and we will go to you in 48 hours at most.

We know climate change is here and if we haven’t anything for stop it, we will regret. Our compromise with enviorenment it’s as unique as it is with you. Star Holding uses sustainable technology: this one allows us the wellness without harming our planet.

Do you wanna know more? Spanish singer Bertin Osborne explains you:

Talk more will mean be like another website. I invited you to visit our site for delight you with our stuff.

And if you have one question or do you want to contact with us. Don’t be shy and ask us what you need. We will answer you with one smile !