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Star Home Products

Star Home Products is product range of Star Holding dedicated to your home and to guarantee your comfort and that of your family. All are unique and exclusive stuff with guaranteed effectiveness.

STAR RELAX massage chair (Star Home)

Os presentamos el sillón Star Relax, para que tu descanso tenga un nuevo significado.

Do you wanna one place exclusive for you when you arrived at your home? Star Relax from thr range of Star Home Products is that chair from you will never want to get up. Click into the picture to know more.


Laundry Pro de Star Home. Limpieza del hogar de una forma ecológica y con una eficiencia única.

One click to the picture to know more about one machine which will give you material to clean and disinfect. Doesn’t harm the planet , it’s 100% ecological


Dispensadora STAR es la máquina de Star Home que te permite tener agua fría, natural, con gas y sin sabores directamente en casa

Water how you want (cold, hot, with gas, etc) when you want, without leave your home and saving space. Clic to the picture to know more.


STARPRANAN de Star Home te permite protegerte de la contaminación electromagnética en tu hogar. Esas ondas ya no te volverán a molestar.

STARPRANAN is the perfect protection against the electromagnetic pollution. Guarantees the health of your family and you. One clic into the picture to know more about it.

Upright vacuum cleaner STARVV (Star Home)

3 en 1. Disfruta de tu nuevo aspirador de star home para todo tipo de suelos o superficies. Incluso podrás aspirar en húmedo.

One and unique vacuum cleaner with 3 functionalities what will you allow vacuum comfortably, three ways and surfaces differents and you will not leave your back bending over. Is waiting you into the picture.


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