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➤ How to measure air quality at home in 2021 (easy to do)

November 17, 2020

2021, a year that will go down in history. The famous pandemic, which we have heard so much about, has made us stay at home more than we were used to. With the latest news from the scientific world, it seems increasingly clear that the famous virus is transmitted through the air. Measuring air quality at home has become an obligation.

Example of an air quality meter from Star Holding.
Star Holding Air Quality Meter

Before going into the field with the new blog entry from Star Holding, i’m going to give you a tip that will help you have better air quality in your home.

Ventilate the house, an increasingly necessary recommendation

Ventilating the house has practically become an obligation. By opening the windows of our home, we renew the indoor air and expel everything that has accumulated throughout the day.

Many times we ask ourselves: how much is advisable? about 10 minutes is recommended. The when can vary; good morning or even before going to sleep (in winter too, so we go to bed with a renewed air in the room).

Ventilating the house is important and more in these times. In the blog post of star holding you will see how to measure air quality in 2020.
The importance of properly ventilating the house.

To all this, which seems easy and is highly recommended, there is a small letter. The point is that depending on where we live (a house in the middle of the country is not the same as a flat on the busiest street in a big city) the quality of the air that will enter the house will be of a different quality.

That’s when measuring air quality at home becomes a necessary routine. We have to do it for the health of our children since there are other elements that circulate around us that are not optimal for health.

How to measure indoor air quality (influencing factors)

As I said before, a house in the middle of the field with nothing or no one around it will have pure air quality. An apartment in the middle of the city or next to a factory surely not.

Example of pollution next to a house
An example of contamination

It is not a secret. Many cities have anti-pollution protocols (such as Barcelona) and the regulations against environmental damage are quite strict thanks to laws that seek a greener world.

Despite everything, due to different actions that humans do, a lot of pollution accumulates and that is why there are indicators of global air quality.

The city councils themselves usually publish statistics on the air quality of their city or town (i give you the example of the city of Barcelona again), but if you want a more specific measurement of the interior of your home, you should pay special attention to carbon dioxide. carbon (one of the causes of climate change).

  • To find out what the concentration is, you can measure the quality of the air in your home with such a device.
Hac Star is your new device to measure the quality of the air in your home.
If you want to see a device that measures air quality, click into the picture

The spread of the coronavirus through the air

If everything you have seen up here is not enough; a new actor has joined the competition.

Numerous studies have been published that tell us that the coronavirus is transmitted especially by air.

Outside as long as the mask is used, there is no problem. Besides: since the air is in full motion, the coronavirus finds it very difficult to get to infect someone.

The problem is found indoors, especially at home. Being a closed space where there is no air flow, everything is accumulated. Now more than ever we have to measure the quality of the air at home and apply techniques for the correct cleaning of the one that keeps us alive.

You can open the window to renew the interior of your house but sooner or later the cold arrives. The other option, and one that many recommend, is to use an air purifier like the ones we have at Star Health; filters left and right that guarantee the purification of 99.97% of the particles.

An air purifier is the perfect tool to clean the air after measuring it.
Star 700 (an air purifier waiting for you by clicking on the image)

With your device to measure the quality of the air you will control that you breathe and with your purifier, you will clean it.

Whatever option it is, count on us as we want to help you breathe better. We must help you measure the air quality at home.

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