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Star Ozone

With all that we lived with coronavirus, we wanna protection. We search one machine with the capacity to erase all what we don’t see; one apparatus with clean all the spaces and reactivate our lifes in the new normality. With that context, star ozone comes to you.

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one house cleaned by the power of ozone of star ozone.


Star Holding wanna help you. We wanna any problem into your business and in your house.

How?: like we said, with the ozone and our brand star ozone.

Ozone in cleaning? How useful is it?

star ozone for stop the virus and clean

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants that we know. Why?: we can give you one cientist explication, but we will summarize saying ozone is one gas that upon contact with microorganisms, they die. The power of the ozone is endorsed by WHO.

Viruses bacteria, humidity, bad smells or fungi aren’t a exception before the cleaning power and disinfection of the ozone.

Knowing that, we affirm the ozone generator is the perfect solution.

How do you want? With the most modern functionality? Do you wanna control from your phone? Make it cheap?

Ozone Generators

We have 4 and all are economics and can be finance, all have one power that will leave you your speeachless and don’t require installation. All of them have unique specialties inside and they will surprise you.

Do you wanna know more? Clic into the picture to know more about them.

Portable Ozone Generator
Wall Ozone Generator

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