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Do you have trouble sleeping well? Various tips to fix them

octubre 9, 2020

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It’s not a secret. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our sleep. Since the state of alarm was decreed, our anxiety level has risen. If we add to that the uncertainty (whether at work or due to the evolution of the virus) and the possible mourning for the loss of a family member, the result is have trouble sleeping well.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Enter Star Holding and see the solutions that we propose to have a good night's sleep.

It’s vital to rest well since if we do not do it, our health suffers in different ways.

Today i come to explain why it is difficult for you to sleep and several solutions to solve it.

Why i can’t sleep?

Have trouble sleeping well isn’t a new thing. Anxiety has always existed and it is difficult for people to disconnect.

If we go to sleep with worries or with a head full of things to do during the next day, falling into a deep sleep becomes a difficult task since the brain cannot disconnect.

The pandemic has increased this problem, but there are more factors that can influence:

  • A deficit mattress (they must be renewed periodically).
  • Drink stimulating drinks or eat succulent dinners (we force our digestive system to work).
  • Have a sedentary life (sleep is equal to rest, if you are all day without moving, the body can say: «hey, I’m energized. I don’t need to rest yet»).
  • Take a nap when not playing.

There is more. And unfortunately the pandemic has increased them along with the consequences they have up their sleeve.

Tips for sleep well

Sleep problems can be eliminated and a good night’s sleep can be achieved. Do you want to know how?

Join me in the following list:

  • Before you stretch out in bed to go to sleep, relax with music or a good book in a good chair like the one we have at Star Holding.
  • Watch what you eat and drink. A light dinner is the best option and a glass of milk is a good choice.
  • If you see that your mattress fails. Don’t hesitate: change it with us!
  • Did you know that drinking a glass of water before bed is recommended? It helps you control your temperature while you sleep, provides our body with essential supplies at night, if it is not cold it will help you sleep better, hydrates your respiratory system and much more.
  • Do exercise. It will do you good in all respects.
  • Watch to go to sleep around the same time. The advice also serves for when you get up because if you do the opposite your body does not know what to do. On the other hand, if you are used to it, it will be easier for you to sleep.

Sleeping well is possible!

Sleeping well is possible and if you have Star Holding by your side it is much more.

Sleeping well is possible!
Look at the tips that we give you at star holding to end your insomnia.

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