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What is the importance of osmosis?

septiembre 28, 2020

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Hello! Today i want to ask you something. It’s simply to know if you know: what is the importance of osmosis?

Yes, you read it well. More than once we have talked about what osmosis is on our website, about our devices to produce reverse osmosis in your home or the ecological importance for a correct diet. What we haven’t done is tell you about the importance of osmosis for living beings; in other words: benefits.

Before we start, let’s make a brief reminder (if you need a longer explanation click here). Osmosis is that process by which water (usually quality water) seeks to balance another material that does not have as much. Water and the other material are usually in contact and the membrane acts as a border and can be crossed.

Yes, it’s clear. A natural process that involves water, something that can pass through and that seeks to balance, but: what is the importance of osmosis?

The importance:

  • For humans: do you remember how much of our body is made of water? Not? In this link you can get better information. Returning to the topic: in our body osmosis takes place. All the vitamins or nutrients that we eat enter our cells (and consequently travel throughout our body) thanks to the process of osmosis. The cell wall acts as a membrane and if our body is healthy, it is thanks to it.
The process of osmosis also takes place within our body. If you want to know what its importance is, do not hesitate to enter our blog.

Osmotic water has more benefits for humans. An example would be the help it gives for the proper functioning of the kidneys (by not having to filter so many substances that may be in the water, their functioning is better).

Let’s remember: the important thing is that thanks to it our body can absorb all those beneficial components for our health.

A process in all nature

The process of osmosis does not only take place in human beings. The rest of the inhabitants of our planet aren’t an exception for a simple reason: they are alive and they need that journey inside them to receive those nutrients that all living beings need.

Osmosis is key to the survival of all living beings on the planet due to its functions within us. As long as there is a semi-permeable membrane, the balance will act.


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