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Star Catalunya Opiniones (reviews for our international friends)

I’m going to be realistic: all the people who have looked for (or who are looking for) work. We go to google to find out information about the company and (I have not been an exception ). An opinion is powerful to tip the balance to one side or the other. To bring light to that darkness I bring you a series of opinions about Star Catalunya. (en castellano: traigo opiniones sobre Star Catalunya para pa gente de habla inglesa).

es normal buscar opiniones de las empresas en las que quieres trabajar. Opiniones star catalunya

With the idea of giving you security in your search, I bring you the Star Catalunya Opinions section. (lo que he dicho arriba, te traigo opiniones de Star Catalunya).

You will read experiences of workers (current or who have passed through the office) who want to show that Star Holding is a good place to work.

An opinion helps you choose one company or another when looking for a job

The section is here to help you in that search for opinions that make you send the CV.

Each of the experiences that you will read below are unique and the workers have decided to collaborate freely.

They are here for you:

Like many people, I have been looking for work. The difference with the others is that they found considerable wear on the cartilage of my right knee and a hole in the bone from so much friction. I became a cripple, a young man with the knee of an 80-year-old grandfather. When I went to the interviews with the crutch, the looks were a poem and my helplessness high. I got to be bad for it. Just when I was going to throw in the towel, Star Catalunya appeared. They didn’t notice my injury; they noticed my personality. Many things are said about this company, but only they dared to trust a cripple and gave him all the facilities to recover and work.

Alex H.

More reviews about Star Catalunya:

I have been a salesperson all my life and in no company have they treated me as they treat me here. The atmosphere is great and the possibility to grow is unique. Above, the boss lent me money and I am grateful to him for this detail since he helped me with an unforeseen debt.

Enric T.

I was looking for work to be able to pay for my studies at the Mataró technocampus and to help out at home. When I showed up for interviews; everyone told me: «we’ll call you». Apparently they weren’t interested in a part-time girl who studied on top of it.
Everything was like that until I did the interview.. Star Holding calls me and gave me all the facilities to organize myself. Today I study in the mornings, work in the afternoons and I can help at home.

I was in a difficult moment and that Star Catalunya hired me was good for me.

They are clear with their opinions about Star Catalunya

All of them (and those who have not written as well) are people who have made the history of Star Holding. A company where the protagonist is you.

If you wanna send the CV to we will call you.

Si quieres leer las opiniones sobre Star Catalunya íntegramente en castellano, da clic aquí.

Si les vols llegir en català, dóna clic aquí.

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