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Star Holding

Star Water Products

Star Water Products is the part of Star Holding specialized in water treatment like inverse osmosis, desclacification of the water itself or hydrogenated water. All the machines are uniques and exclusive with guaranteed effectiveness.

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Inverse Osmosis OMEGA PLUS (Star Water)

Ósmosis inversa completa con OMEGA PLUS (perteneciente a los productos Star Water). Para que tu agua tenga calidad.

If you want water with quality in your home, clic into the picture and imagine his taste while you read the description

Inverse Osmosis OMEGA (Star Water)

Ósmosis inversa OMEGA de la marca Star Water. Práctico y no ocupa espacio. Para que tu agua vuelva a saber bien.

Water of quality thanks to Inverse Osmosis OMEGA of star water products. One click in the picture and will be yours for give you water that you never imagined.

Inverse Osmosis HADAR (Star Water)

Obtén un gran caudal de agua con HADAR de Star Holding. Tu nuevo aparato de ósmosis inversa que te garantiza la limpieza y la potabilidad del agua.

Hadar gives you water full of quality with a price that you can’t imagine. One click into the image for know more.

Hydrogen Generator HYDRON (Star Water)

Obtén un poderoso antioxidante con HYDRON, un producto Star Water, para mantener tu salud por las nubes.

If you wanna know what is the power of hydrogen water and his benefits for your health, click into the image and run out of words.

Softoner PREMIER (Star Water)

Agua descalcificada con Premier.

Decalcified water for your use with one click.

Softoner GO8 (Star Water)

Cuida el agua y usa jabones sin aditivos y sin poner mucha cantidad.
La limpieza que estabas esperando gracias a los productos de Star Water.

One click into the picture for know more about decalcified water and the efficiency of GO8.


New Star Water products available:

Star Sparck

Hydrogenated water to feel younger

Reverse Osmosis Versa

Space is not problem for Versa.

Reverse Osmosis Infinity

The infinite power of water at your service

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