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Star Holding

Opinions about Star Holding

Hi! Are you interested in knowing various opinions about Star Holding? Do you want to have more information about what our more than 10,000 clients think about our services?

Welcome! In the following paragraphs on this page you will be able to read opinions about Star Holding.

These opinions have been extracted from google (either in our own company file on said website or from other pages) of various employees who work, or have worked, with us; from web pages outside of us and from a video that we shot some time ago with clients who decided to give their opinion about Star Holding.

Star Holding: a transparent company

Can’t get enough of the video? You need more? Continue with me!

We have great workers with us. Each of them has its own story and we have always respected it.

Then I bring you a couple of opinions of workers who are (or have been) working with us. Without further ado, here they are:

Like many people, I have been looking for work. The difference with the others is that they found a considerable wear of the cartilage of the right knee and a hole in the bone from so much friction. I became a cripple, a young man with the knee of an 80-year-old grandfather. When I went to interviews with the crutch, the looks were a poem and my helplessness high. I became bad for it. Just when I was going to throw in the towel, Star Catalunya appeared. They didn’t notice my injury; They noticed my personality. Many things are said about this company, but only they dared to trust a cripple and gave him all the facilities to recover and work.

Alex H.

Things are awful in the job search and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better, but they hire at this company. The treatment is very humane!

Ricard G.

Do you want more opinions or know more about our way of working?

You can see more opinions of our workers here or see our company philosophy by clicking here.

In star holding opinions we inform you about our services.
If you need a job, we have a place for you

More opinions about Star Holding

Bertín Osborne himself tells us about the Star Water service (the Star Holding service specialized in water treatment) in the following video:

There are more! In this case, you give it to us in our page in google business or in the hundred web pages that there are about opinions on the internet. I want to give you an example with gowork.

Do you have more questions or want to know more opinions about Star Holding? What do you think if you send us an email and get your opinion first hand? Remember: knowledge is power!

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